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The Search by FORMED

Posted : Mar-11-2021

I'm excited to announce this new small group study we're running online with an award-winning video-based series that’s turning heads as it explores fundamental questions and mysteries like these.  It’s called The Search, and the national reception to it has been so enthusiastic that we are bringing it here,

to our parish, for all our spiritual benefit and growth.

The Search is a multi-part video based spiritual experience from the producers of the FORMED online platform many of us use for faith formation at our parish. The production is beautiful. None of this rec room or fake library feeling to it.  The well-known Catholic evangelist Chris Stefanick hosts The Search.
But The Search is not meant just to be watched . . . and it’s certainly not meant to be watched alone. That’s why we are beginning to form small groups – virtual – to watch, discuss, and truly benefit and grow from experiencing The Search.