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Co-ordinator: Vilma Noronha

"God's word is "living and effective" and it "accomplishes that for which it was sent," yet we know that it doesn't happen automatically. People must receive and embrace the word and allow it to become a transforming influence in their lives, but before they can do that they must "hear" it. That's where lectors and gospel readers come in."

- Workbook for Lectors and Gospel Readers

​​Lectors at St. Luke's parish bring the Work of God to the community by proclaiming the first and second readings during the Eucharist. They also welcome the community at the beginning of the mass and lead in the Prayers of the Faithful..

Training sessions are held periodically throughout the year. Persons interested in becoming lectors in the parish should contact Father Mark Van Patten​​ (905) 881-2786 ext 222.