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Bible Study

Leadership Team Coordinators, guided by Fr. Mark Van Patten
Afternoon Sessions - Vivian Wong and Jean Royer
Evening Sessions - Alice Wong and Joan Danis
We study the Bible to develop a fuller knowledge of the Word of God, a richer appreciation of the faith tradition of the church and a stronger understanding of the connections between faith and life. Bible study often leads to a greater concern for social justice and a firmer desire for service as disciples of Jesus.

The program at St. Luke's began in 1998. Since1999, we have been using the Little Rock Scripture Study program. This program incorporates four methods of adult learning; daily personal study, weekly small group sharing, lecture and prayer. We typically offer a choice of two texts, one from the Old Testament, and one from the New Testament. Our coordinators and facilitators are a dedicated group of men and women who have taken the Leadership Training Course as set out by Little Rock Scripture Study. The program has been well received, but we are always interested in new ideas and enrichment.

Yearly programs usually begin in September and run from eight to twelve weeks. Planning is done by the Leadership Team, under the direction of Father Mark, parishioners are informed of upcoming programs by announcements after mass, posters, inserts in the bulletin, and this web-site. Registration is held after each mass on designated weekends in September.

The study sessions are currently held on Monday afternoons and evenings. We will also support home study groups at other times throughout the year, if sufficient leaders and participants are interested.

No previous Scripture study experience is needed to take part. Orientation is available to anyone who needs help getting started. Everyone is welcome.

For more information on our Bible Study Program, click here Bible Study Programs.