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It is with great joy that St. Luke's Parish welcomes you to baptize your child into the Catholic family. Each child is unique, special and truly a gift from our Lord. The celebration of baptism is a moment of revelation that this child is indeed a child of God and a member of the Catholic Christian faith community.

To begin the process we ask that parents pick up the Baptismal Preparation sheet at the entrance of the church, arrange an interview with Father Mark Van Patten by contacting him at 905-881-2786 ext 222.

During the interview we will explore the reasons why you are requesting the sacrament of baptism and your willingness to create the environment in your home to bring the child up in the Catholic Christian Faith.

At that time you will be invited, along with the godparents, if that is possible, to attend an evening during which the ceremony and meaning of baptism will be explained.

Following this meeting a date for baptism can be set. Baptisms are usually celebrated on Sunday every second week.