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Prayer Group ​​

Divine Mercy – Prayer Group

Coordinators: Mike McCloskey and Joan Smith

Contact: Parish Secretary Ext. 221
Many times in the gospel we read that after teaching the crowds, Jesus withdrew to a secluded place with His disciples to pray. In the face of the worldly pressures we face today, we need to spend some time with Jesus and our fellow disciples in prayer.

Our Prayer Group is a place of refuge where we meet with friends, who are called to live their lives according to Jesus' teachings. Because we share the same beliefs, we are free to pray openly for ourselves, our families and especially for our parish.

We follow Jesus' example by taking a weekly break to refresh our spirits so that we can face another week in a world that does not share our values.

We meet on Friday evenings at 7:45 pm in the Lounge. Our meetings follow a definite format as we begin with songs of praise, and prayers of Adoration of our Creator.

This is followed by prayers of Contrition to our merciful God and Saviour. We then offer prayers of Thanksgiving for the many blessings that have been bestowed on us and on our families and on our community.

We close with prayers of Supplications or Requests where we ask God's special blessings on the sick, the dying and on all those special situation in our life or in our community.

Come be refreshed. Come pray with us.