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First Reconciliation and Communion

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is the celebration by the Church of the forgiveness of Christ. Children can prepare for this sacrament once they have some sense of sin and responsibility for their actions. This usually happens when they are around seven or eight years old or when they are in grade two at school.
The initial preparation takes place in their Catholic School or in a parish centered program where the children learn and become aware of the basic attitudes and values of their Christian faith.

The immediate preparation takes place in the parish and this involves the parents. Information about this preparation process will be available at the first meeting in late September or early October. Please check the bulletin at mass for the actual date and time.

You may call John Humphries at (905) 881-2786 ext 226 or 
Parish Office (905) 881-2786 ext 221

Children usually join the rest of the parish community at the table of the Eucharist when they are in grade two. Making their First Communion is an important moment in the life of children and so it is important that their preparation becomes an important focus for them as they take this next step into the life of the Church and in their Christian lives.
The initial preparation takes place at their Catholic school or in a parish sponsored program. In this preparation they learn and become aware of the Christian values that are celebrated in the Eucharist. They become aware of the presence of Christ and how this presence is celebrated in the Eucharist.

The immediate preparation for the First Communion of children takes place in the parish and begins in January each year. The parents will be involved in this process and will work with their children using the materials provided.

The time for registration for this sacrament will be announced in the parish bulletin in September or for more info contact John Humphries at (905) 881-2786 ext 226 or Parish Office (905) 881-2786 ext 221.

First Communion is usually celebrated at the beginning of May.