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Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible - Bible Study

Posted : Jul-26-2022

Catholics are Reading and Understanding the Bible Better Than Ever

Many Catholics want to read the Bible but get bogged down by the long stretches that seem not to make sense or get lost among the sea of Old Testament names and places. Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible, an eight-part Bible study, helps you uncover the story woven throughout Scripture, so you can get the “big picture” of the Bible and understand what it’s all about. Aided by a unique color-coded Bible TimelineTM Chart that arranges the key people, places, and events of the Bible in chronological order, Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible will help you pick up the Bible with confidence and understand how you fit into God’s plan.

St. Luke’s Parish will begin the Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible study on October 19, 2022 at 7:30 pm on Zoom (online). Participants will meet every week to view an engaging video presentation followed by a time of lively group discussion and fellowship.

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Here are a couple stories from people who have tried this transformational study for themselves:

Perfect Program
Carolyn McNamara on Dec 20, 2018

“Almost no one in our study had ever studied the entire Bible before this. They admitted to being quite ignorant of the Old Testament and the links between the Old and the New. At the end, everyone was delighted to have done this study. Jeff Cavins' ability to hold our attention on the video was wonderful. The book, bookmark and chart were very well used and appreciated.”

By Lindsay on Jan 27, 2022

"I have just begun this Bible study program but I can already tell the high quality of both the videos and the lecturer. I had a theology minor in college and I am getting back into my study. I purchased the Great Adventure Bible a year ago when I began listening to the Bible in a Year podcast. I never cracked the Bible open, but I have for this course and it is awesome! I like this course particularly because it's not reading the Bible from cover to cover but it is focused on specific events to demonstrate the main story!"